At Nicholas George Lawyers we have dealt with a vast array of clients over many years.

These include, over 3000 clients including individuals, small businesses, corporations, churches, clubs, members of parliament, consulates, trade promotion centres, tennis centres, property developers, real estate agents, bankers, solicitors, barristers, rugby coaches, partners of accountancy firms, partners of law firms, fashion designers, accountants, nursing home operators, IT specialists, architects, cafe and hospitality operators, hairdressers, beauticians, tradespeople, media personalities/celebrities, shopping centre operators, restauranteurs, strata managers, media companies/video editors, actors, advertising agencies, Australian athletes/Olympians, school teachers/principals, engineers, university professors/lecturers, flight attendants, airline pilots, seamen, CEO’s, businessmen and businesswomen, entrepreneurs, sharemarket investors, specialist doctors, GP’s and surgeons, winemakers, mortgage brokers, nurses, public servants, television network producers, dance teachers and performers, musicians, hotel managers, jewellers, dentists.

You can, therefore, be assured that we are well equipped to deal with a myriad of legal issues where over 17 years of legal practice and experience can be called upon to assist you with your legal matter.